Diploma Master of Applied Arts, awarded by the Institute of Art "Stagio Stagi" of Pietrasanta, with a score of 60/60, the 1986-87 academic year.

Degree in Architecture, Address Architecture Planning, at the University of Florence; academic year '96 -97 with 110/110 (one hundred and ten to one hundred and ten).

Enabled the profession of architect in the first session of the year 1999.

Member of the Order of Architects of the province of Lucca at n. ° 538 dated 03/08/1999.

Test in English language at University Centre.

Post-graduate specialization course "Architecture and Context, Reading and construction project in the urban renewal programs", director of the course prof. Arch. Benedetto Di Cristina, - Department of Architecture Planning, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florence.

Year 1999
Title of the dissertation: "Formation of the urban fabric of the Versilia coast, local architectural specificities".

Speaker: Prof. Arch. Gianfranco Di Pietro.

"The work aims to identify ways of development and formation of the urban fabric of the Versilia coast, and in particular the stretch between the mouth of the river Versilia and Focette, a native coastal stretch of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. E 'was hired as year zero for the study of the urban training 1770, when the Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Tuscany, ordered the cutting of marine vegetation, with subsequent division into estates of the recovered land, creating an intervention "spatial planning" measures have kicked off the next urbanization of the coast. To "photograph" the development of the urban fabric, with its change of land use, from agricultural to building land, was used Cadastre Ferdinandeo Leopold, 1825, updated in subsequent raised, through the update of cards, until ' adoption of the land registry system. At the same time they analyzed the number of adopted planning instruments or simply designed to the coast, from the two municipalities of Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta, in order to understand how they have influenced the development of the same coastal urban fabric. Parallel to the development of the urban structure, was also analyzed the development of the architectural language evolved in the village of Forte dei Marmi, in fact this settlement reveals an emblematic social situation, stratified on the basis of homogeneous evolutionary parameters, architecturally compares different language trends making them converge around the theme of the villa. That study, tracing the formation of the urban structure of the Versilia coast, wants to be a small contribution to cognitive local historians, with the aim of identifying and preserving the environmental and social characteristics and architectural highlights that have made this famous coastline and on which many professionals they have left their personal contribution.